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131 Torino Songs & Football Chants

Torino, who play in claret (Italian: granata) shirts with white shorts, have won Serie A seven times, first in 1927–28 and most recently in 1975–76-they have also won the Coppa Italia five times.

1366 Toro Win for Us Torino ultras רשימת השמעה
1662 Blood Will Flow Into the Pit of the Utras Great Fanchant Of Torino רשימת השמעה
1977 Go Granata Maratona Tier רשימת השמעה
2832 Because We Are Torino Choir In Memory Of Superga רשימת השמעה
5781 Everybody to Modena A Fanchant Against Modena רשימת השמעה
6321 I Dreamed of a Shirt and a Ball Just One Love רשימת השמעה
6875 Eleven Lions Go Boys רשימת השמעה
7276 Go Toro, Score! Maratona Tier רשימת השמעה
7385 The Whole Kop Maratona Tier רשימת השמעה
7762 Come on the Bull Come On Classic Fanchant Of Torino רשימת השמעה
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10323 The Tier Goes Nuts for You Great Fanchant Of Torino רשימת השמעה
11487 Italy Knows Song Against The Ex General Manager Of Juventus, Investigated For Cheating רשימת השמעה
11832 A Sickness That Doesn't Go Away Always With You רשימת השמעה
12020 You Broke... That's Not Very Nice רשימת השמעה
12534 From Vicenza A Fanchant Against Vicenza רשימת השמעה
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